Configure the iTunes media server (mt-daapd)

The GoFlex Home runs a Firefly media server (as well as the minidlna media server) and the good news is that you can configure it through it's own web interface. I don't use iTunes myself but apparently it is quite popular.
If you use iTunes or have a Sonos or Roku SoundBridge media player then this post might be for you.

In a browser address bar enter goflex_home:6689 or if that doesn't work for you try the GoFlex Home LAN IP address and port 6689, for example (note the colon : before the port number).

The login box will pop up.
You can leave the User Name blank or type anything you like.

The password is sLPoe243

The Configuration interface will open and you can play around with settings, start and stop the server, re-scan files and so on.

If you stop the server it will restart when you re-boot the GoFlex Home.

Update: For anyone who wants to access their music collection without iTunes from an Android device, the DAAP media player on Google Play works well, auto-discovering the GoFlex Home iTunes server on port 6689 straight away, no set-up required - just install and play your music.

It also reads playlists saved on the server which you can create using the smart playlists feature in the Firefly web interface. 

DAAP Media Player on Android tablet


  1. Hi, thanks for this post. Can I have your email ID, as I am looking for some support on my Go Flex home UPNP settings

    1. Hi Nandish, if you have any questions just post them as comments.
      Others may have the same questions so it's better if everyone can see them and the replies. I prefer to disable UPnP on my router and do networking the old-fashioned way, so I don't know how much help I will be with UPnP settings.

    2. Here's an article about UPnP that may be of interest. Port forwarding manually isn't very difficult so even if the security risks of UPnP are small I prefer to disable it.