FTP Port 21 blocked

Some ISPs block port 21 or maybe you just don't like leaving port 21 open.
If you have a router which does port translation (takes packets received for one port and redirects them to another port) then there's no problem. But if your router won't do that then the following might help.
Note: if FTPS stopped working, but FTP is OK then blocked ports isn't your problem; go to ftps-stopped-working

Before you start, it's easy to get the GoFlex Home ftp server to listen on a different port, but the proxy server at will not forward requests on other ports.

In that case you would need to know your Public IP address, which may change frequently and this can be a pain. That's the point of the Seagateshare proxy server, to keep track of your Public IP address. 
My Public IP address stays for months at a time until I reboot the router, but some ISPs drop the lease routinely and force you to reconnect and get a new IP address. 

But if you decide to go ahead then here's how to do it;

First connect with SSH and become root user.

Modify the FTP server
Edit the vsftp config file with the command vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf and add a line 
listen_port =2021 
(or any high port number you want)

I should also mention that the vi text editor can be tricky check here for tips on using vi

Basically type I to enter Insert mode and Esc ZZ to save changes or :q to quit without saving

Restart the vsftpd service with the command  /sbin/service vsftpd restart

 Open the Goflex Home firewall ports
Modify the firewall config with the command  vi /etc/iptables/config and add a line TCP_OPEN_PORTS_EXT="2021"
(or the same port you used when you modified the ftp server)

Restart the firewall service with the command  /etc/init.d/iptables restart

Set up your  router
Forward port 2021 (or whatever port you chose) to your GoFlex Home port 2021. (I have a Netgear router which only does port forwarding and not port translation)
Make sure UPnP is enabled in the router and GoFlex Home preferences.

Direct your remote FTP client (I use ANDftp on my Android phone) to your home Public IP address at port 2021 (or whatever port you set). 


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  2. có cách nào thay đổi forlder home Ftp
    GoFlex Home Public thành forlder name 8 ký tự ko
    để tôi du g ftp trên camera dahua
    camera dahua không hổ trợ forlder tên dài

  3. help rename forlder
    GoFlex Home Public to NAME

    1. Apologies for taking so long to reply to your question. I have been away from the internet for a few days.

      There should be no need to rename the folder. The GoFlex Home Public folder is actually /home/0common .
      The GoFlex Home Public is a symlink in the user's folder which redirects to /home/0common.

      I use AndFTP from my phone and can read/write to the /home/0common with no trouble.

  4. chào bạn ban có biết

    user admin va pasword không.?

    1. Apologies again. I use sftp which can access /home/0common

      For standard ftp it may be best to create a symbolic link or shortcut to the GoFlex Home Public folder.
      Connect with SSH and become superuser

      After becoming superuser enter the command

      ln -s GoFlex\ Home\ Public dahua

      This will create the virtual folder dahua.
      Be sure to include the \ characters before the spaces in the folder name.

      After creating the link dahua I can upload files to the Public folder in Winscp on my laptop or from my phone with AndFTP using plain FTP

    2. In the Dahua camera interface FTP tab the remote directory should be


      Where "user" is the username that you connect with. So, for example if your GoFlex Home username is hieu then /home/hieu/dahua.

  5. chào mọi người
    cho mình hỏi ftp server của goflexhome có bao nhiêu phiên kết nối
    mình dùng camera dahua record ftp vào goflexhome thì có phiên được phiên không
    ftp client dahua c35 record khoang 5 de 8 phiên
    cho minh hỏi thêm goflexhone có Nas server không nfs server
    camera dahua c35 co nas client
    mình muốn record băng NAS client to goflexhome

  6. I saw that dahua webcam also has the option to save to NAS as well as FTP and I wondered why you wanted to use FTP.
    The dahua manual is not clear on what protocol it uses to connect to NAS but I assume it is smb or windows file sharing. GoFlex Home has a samba server which is how you usually do file sharing from a PC or Android Or Windows phone.

    My post on making the public folder read only shows how to edit the smb.conf file in case you have trouble with long names with spaces.

    You can also chnage the real folder names by editing the /etc/branding conf file.
    Changing the names is simple but because you also have to change the smb.conf to match the new folder names and also any existing mappings or backup paths, the suggested solution of symbolic link is simpler.

    What was the problem you had with FTP?

    I didn't understand and since I don't read vietnamese I have to use Google translate which was unclear.

  7. FTP tôi hay bị lỗi
    nếu dùng 1 camera thi ok
    nhừn dùng 2 camera trở đi thì lỗi record
    cameea dahua có mục record storage NAS
    nên bạn biết thì hướng dẫn
    stoeage NAS
    edit btanding.conf or samba.conf
    camera ip dahua c35

    1. If 1 camera is working with ftp but 2 or more cameras do not save correctly then maybe the data transfer rate is too much. Make sure that you are using H.264 encode and consider reducing the resolution or framerate or snapshot instead of video stream.

      You can try the NAS record instead of FTP.
      Edit the smb.conf file to create a new share location if spaces in the file name cause problems.

      First, connect with SSH and become root user

      Use vi text editor to edit the samba configuration file with the command vi etc/samba/smb.conf
      use the arrow (cursor) keys to move to the end of the file and then type a to enter input mode in vi and add the following text to the smb.conf file

      comment = GoFlex Home Public
      path=/home/%U/GoFlex Home Public
      browseable = yes
      writeable = yes
      guest ok = no
      #guest only = no
      #public = yes
      create mode = 0664
      directory mode = 0775
      force create mode = 0664
      force directory mode = 0775
      force security mode = 0775
      force directory security mode = 0775
      force group = users
      valid users = %U

      Press 'Esc' to exit input mode and type ZZ (note capitals) to save and exit smb.conf

      Restart the smb server by entering the command /etc/init.d/smb restart and wait for restart.

    2. I haven't done any testing myself but the internet says FTP is faster then SMB.
      See how you go with 1 camera using FTP and 1 using NAS/smb. If it still fails then you are probably past the limit of the GoFlex Home's hardware for streaming 1080p video.

    3. I just realised that NAS won't work as the Dahua NAS interface doesn't have anywhere to enter username and password so you will not be able to connect to the server.
      I will investigate anonymous access with smb.

  8. cám ơn bạn trong thời gian qua đã trả lời hưỡng dẫn tôi
    tôi sẽ thử xem

    1. I have added a new post to show the three ways of recording IP camera to the GoFlex Home.

      I am interested to know if the NAS option works with the Dahua camera

  9. Thank you
    tôi đã làm và thành công nhưng chỉ với share windows or android
    còn cameara dahua thì cấu hình OK nhưng không có record nào cả
    theo tôi biết NAS phải là NFS server
    có the DAHUA NAS chỉ hổ trợ SMB
    còn NFS thì không có

    goflex home seagate có NFS server không

    1. Thanks for the information.
      GoFlex Home doesn't have NFS. Instructions to install it can be found here
      But since it says it won't work with NTFS format drives then I think FTP is still the best option for you.

  10. thank
    rất vui vì đã trò chuyện với 1 người nước ngoài như ban

  11. hj Kenji
    goflexhome có thể chạy script command để getip public
    giống như ddns
    tôi mún viết 1 script ipdate ip public vào file trong forlder goflexhome
    nếu được thì đây là ddns free

  12. help cách sử dụng lệnh trong goflex home
    mình vào forlder sbin có lệnh ifconfig
    nhưng khi run thì thông báo command not found
    login root

  13. hi mới khám phá hóa ra tên miền
    [nasname] chính là ip public cua ISP
    hj hj hj
    or ssh run command curl -s

    1. is a proxy for remote connection so that users do not need to know their own public IP address to log in remotely. There is a service on the GoFlex Home which updates the proxy with your current IP address.

      There is a lot more information available on the OpenStora website

      I tried to get my GFH to work with SSH keys so that I could send commands without manually logging in but I was not successful.

      The best I could do is use the Hipserv API with php. The API is quite powerful and is the basis of the Hipserv mobile app for iPhone and Android.

    2. My post of Auto remote shutdown
      gives some tips about using the API and php command line

  14. hj
    tôi có vấn đề này hỏi
    pc login vào goflexhome có mục preferences đê cài đặt goflexhome
    androis thì không có mục preferences
    phần mềm ch play goflex access cũng không có preferences
    tại sao

    1. You do not install GoFlex Home. It is a separate computer.
      Seagate provides Dashboard software and you have the option to install that software.
      But all the dashboard software does is set up drive mappings on your PC and provide shortcuts to GoFlex Home web pages.
      The dashboard software is designed for users who know absolutely nothing about computers. My opinion is that people who know nothing about computers should not get a NAS.

  15. Hj
    Tôi có gặp vấn đề golexhome
    nếu goflexhome set ip dhcp thì ok
    nếu goflexhome set ip static thì ok nhưng reboot goflexhome thì ip dns bị sai thay vào là 1 địa chỉ nào đó

    1. You need to set your router to assign the static ip address to the GoFlex Home otherwise the router DHCP server will dynamically assign a random ip address each time.

  16. Can you write how to connect to goflex home via sftp instead of ftp assume that we have trial license

    1. Do you mean SFTP or FTPS?
      They aren't the same thing and the trial licence/Seagate Pro licence is only "required" for FTPS.

      What application are you using to connect?
      A lot on the client software and I generally use SFTP and recommend using that as I have found FTPS to be a bit fussy.

    2. Hi Anonymous, I worked out the problem you might be having with FTPS and have added a post