Fixing the 211 MB issue

Some users have reported their GoFlex Home  showing a capacity of 211MB. The root file system on flash storage ubi0 is 216,180 x 1k blocks which is 211 MB, so it looks as though the bind mounts are messed up and the root file system on ubi0 is mounted instead of sda1. It seems to happen when there are file system errors on the hard drive.

How to fix file system errors?

You can't run chkdsk on a network drive from a Windows machine so you have two options;

  1. if you have desktop PC, remove the drive from the GoFlex Home and connect it with SATA using David Vielmetter's handy tip. Then you can run chkdsk /r from an administrator command window
  2. connect remotely with SSH from another PC and run the Linux command pchkntfs.

    First eject the drive from the seagateshare web app> Preferences> Administration> Storage device(s)
    Then connect with SSH and become superuser and type the command /usr/sbin/pchkntfs -f /dev/sda1 and y
    ou should see output similar to this;

Reboot the GoFlex Home and the hard drive should mount correctly.

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